SEBO AUTO X 7 Upright Hospital “S” Class Vac.

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SEBO AUTO X 7 Upright Hospital “S” Class Vac.



The actual use of this fine Vacuum sells so many more exactly like it ! ! Found in High End Estates like Windsor Castle and on every Cruise ship where filtration , cleaning the rooms and then cleaning up the machine after is an every day occurrence , This machine drives the others out the door !  It automatically raises or lowers the brush to the proper contact heights and tells you when the bag is full or there's a block in the line.  It is so well engineered.. I love to demo it and folks are very pleased to let me know how much they enjoy using it !  Cheap machines are not Cheap..and ones like this prove that the price for the product offered here is undervalued !  It just shows quality all the way through and comes with a 5 year warranty and a full parts list for back up.  As Old Ed would say.."We Got a Winner Johnny !"