MVAC M80 Central Vac 700 AW

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MVAC M80 Central Vac 700 AW


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As in life, size does make a difference! The MVAC M80 - 700 AW of Pure Power ! 138" water lift ! 138cu.ft per minute air flow. A very well-balanced motor for this complete central vac system. Quiet! Check out the difference in the size of the M80 motor (on the right) compared to another company's vacuum motor on the left. Comes with a 10-year warranty (or pay a bit more at $854.95 and get a 25-year warranty).

MVac M80 Specifications:

Air Watts: 700

Decibels: 58

Airflow: 138 CFM / 234 CMH

Voltage: 120 V

Suction H20: 138.1? / 350.8 cm

Turbines: 2

Bag Capacity: 5 IMP gal / 22 L

Receptacle Capacity: 4.7 IMP gal / 17.4 L

Height: 38.5? / 97.8 cm

Weight: 22.4 lb / 10.2 kg

Diameter: 11.9? / 30.2 cm

Principle: Hybrid

Filtration: Bag or self-cleaning filter