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We have a wide selection of Vacuums and Air Purifiers for sale at our store.
Cyclo UV Portable Air Purifiers – Shop Online !
Clean Air for a Healthier Home

The Cyclo UV Portable Air Purifiers have arrived! This summer, keep your home’s air clear of smoke or particles! Their UV light has been proven to kill bacteria and viruses. They feature a HEPA13 high efficiency air particle filter which is effective in capturing dust, smoke, pollen and other allergens in the air. These purifiers filter 99.97% of particles. Their air purifier operation also filters your home of animal dander, odours, and harmful gases using a three-layer filter system.

Four models are now available for pickup or fast delivery to your door:

The portable units are quiet, reliable, and highly effective. Choose a 310C with a CADR 230 for rooms up to 1,012 sq feet, or the 510C with a CADR rating of 350 for rooms up to 1545 sq ft. Use the timer for easy scheduling. Remote management via the Tuya app on your phone or tablet. Smart sensor to adjust the cleaning performance as needed. The 510C displays up to 4 colours to indicate the current air quality.

The in-duct models are inexpensive, highly effective and easy for you to install.

PUV310C (1012 sq ft) … Sale price! $250.00 plus tax. Replacement filter just $39.95.

PUV510C (1545 sq ft) … Sale price! $350.00 plus tax. Replacement filter just $67.15.

The UVC/AIR (In-duct) will filter up to 2,000 sq ft (Sale $499.95, 1 UV Bulb $199.00 plus tax)

The UVC/AIR X6 (In-duct) will filter up to 4,000 sq ft (Sale $499.95, 1 UV Bulb $219.95 plus tax)


Cyclo UV Air purifier: 310C


Cyclo UV Air purifier: 510C

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